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Come away oh human child

for this world's more full o' weeping then ye can understand

8 September 1985
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This journal is mostly friends only. Cosplay or pet pictures, online quizzes, older posts, or posts made when I am bouncy are open. I have a teenage sister, I'm planning my wedding and I'm chronically ill, I already have more then enough drama in my life. Since I am home almost all of the time I try to meet people over the internet so feel free to comment on any open post. I tend to lurk on many communities and forums so I might recognize your screen name.

Me: I am a World of Warcraft addicted, parrot obsessed, faery loving, anime watching, costume making, autistic, nerdy, disabled, goofball vet tech. Most of what I post about are regarding my costumes, two dogs, three cats, twelve cockatiels, two budgies, twelve tortoises (three adults and nine babies), disability, snark about how people regard me differently due to autism, video games, or the hassle of getting (insert expletive here) SSDI. I post and comment on and off, get words wrong all of the time, make up my own words, and my spelling tends to be horrendous, but I don't care anymore. If that bothers you go somewhere else or buy me Dragon Naturally Speaking. I am me and me is I.

Warning: I will talk about my birds. A lot.

aa! megami-sama, ad/hd, add, adhd, ah my goddess, ah! my goddess, angelic layer, anime, aussies, australian shepherds, avian medicine, avian welfare, azumanga diaoh, battletech, biking, bird sniffing, birds, bishoujo senshi sailormoon, budgerigars, budgies, building things, card captor sakura, cheese, chobits, clamp, clover, cockatiels, cockatoos, computers, cooking, cosplay, cosplaying, crohns, daydreaming, ddr, desert tortoises, doodling, dual! parallel trouble adventure, dyspraxia, eating, elfen lied, escaflowne, faeries, fantasy, final fantasy, firefly, fmp, full metal panic, games in general, gardening, ghibli, guild wars, guilty gear, hayao miyazaki, his and hers circumstances, inuyasha, karekano, kenshin, kiki's delivery service, larp, larping, love hina, magic knights rayearth, magic users club, mahou tsuki tai, marion zimmer bradley, miyuki-chan in wonderland, monty python, multiple sclerosis, neon genesis evangelion, neverwinter nights, nightwalker, paradise kiss, parakeets, parakiss, parrots, pasta, pcos, pdd-nos, pervasive developmental disorder, pet shop of horrors, petshop of horrors, princess nine, programming, pscittacines, ragnarok online, ranma, ranma 1/2, rayearth, reading, redwall, rennaissance faires, rennfaires, robert jordan, roleplay, rpg, rping, rurouni kenshin, sailor moon, sailormoon, sara douglass, serenity, shaman king, singing, skiing, slayers, star gazing, studio ghibli, swimming, taking things apart, tenchi, tenchi muyo, those who hunt elves, tortoises, tourettes syndrome, wheel of time, world of warcraft, writing, xxxholic, yuu yuu hakusho, zone of enders