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Jojo's friend
How to find out that just because you have read horror stories about people illegally kicking breastfeeding women out of places it doesn't mean that will happen to you when you are too nervous to actually try it yourself without a cover:

1. Mess your neck up by craning it to check your baby's latch at every feeding for two weeks, making it so you can't look down.

2. Go somewhere with your baby where you have to wait so long he gets hungry from the feeding before going in and is about to show the place that he has very strong lungs.

3. Fuss with a wiggly baby and a cover that you aren't quite sure how to use while also holding baby and helping baby latch (and getting smacked in the breast by a little baby hand that feels the need to do that while he starts to eat every single time.)

4. Proudly nurse in public because you are all covered up as if you had any modesty!

5. Get told long after you finished that you had the cover on wrong the entire time and it was only covering the inside 5% of your breast


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