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for this world's more full o' weeping then ye can understand

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Jojo's friend
It's 4am and I am up for no reason! Let's organize books, that sounds smart.

Now it's 9am and I am still wide awake. And didn't hurt myself organizing books! Mostly because I got distracted and read the books instead. I wonder if I will crash soon? I also wonder if I am nesting?

Baby has dropped again! All put together I may very well be going into labor very soon here. I think I'm ready?

No I'm really not ready but it's not like I will ever be!

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sounds like nesting.

and if you are dropping, well, you are nearing the finish line! you are never ready-ready, but it's a good ride once you are on-board!

i have got to get my butt in gear and send you all the stuffs i have. do you need winter stuffs? how cold does it get there? i have an amazing winter thing that is all velcro that is sooooo warm, and cute. makes baby look like a chinchilla or rabbit. yeah, it's the color, but still.

Some, but not much. It generally gets no lower then 30°F here

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