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Wuss - boo!
Well today had a bit of a scare.

Good news is that next time I say I think I am going into labor I will be believed

Bad news is that "next time" implies there was a first time and I am only 34 weeks along

Good news is that everything is fine now

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tell that kid he needs to keep cooking! but, 34 weeks isn't too bad. every day now is great, especially if you got the shots to help the lungs mature. and when your water breaks? i want to know if you feel like a giant water bottle on top of one of those office water coolers. i swear that is what it was like with zane- an audible gurgle, gurgle, and then a big popping/bursting sound and whoosh! the cats got really excited about the trail of amniotic fluid i left behind me.

keep me in the loop.

Oops, I accidentally replied to you just below your comment. Sorry about that.

Oh, I know it's not too bad, but it's not too good either. Particularly for the eyes. I was also concerned because I haven't been tested for group B strep either so I would be treated as positive (just antibiotics and extra monitoring for David after birth, but any interventions I can avoid I would like to avoid) and because we don't have the bed yet! We are still working on a lot of baby things too, like nail clippers, cloth diapers, and most basic hygiene supplies. AND there are boxes full of books in the nursery, boxes and bags full of sewing supplies in the nursery, and my sewing machine and serger sitting on the nursery floor. We just got bookshelf #3 and a table for me to use as a sewing desk yesterday so we were going to put everything away today, of course.

I know, we're terrible procrastinators. We were also planning to finalize the birth plan and pack the hospital bag today, and we won't be able to use the birth plan until my OB signs it and see him Tuesday! So our procrastination could have badly bitten us in the butt!

Shots to help the lungs mature? I don't think I have heard of that, do you have more information?

I guess I will see! So yours broke all at once I guess? I know my mom's water broke very gradually over several days with me and she didn't even know that was what happened and with my sister it never broke at all, which ended up being pretty bad because a labor nurse sent her home in labor and she had precipitous labor with her, so half way home my dad had to turn back because my mom had started to transition! Depending on who is telling the story, she gave birth in the hospital hallway (my dad), in a surgery room because it was the closest clean room (my maternal grandmother), or in the L&D triage room (my mom) and all stories agree that a nurse delivered her!

The only other labor stories I have been told all the details of or that I was there for are my cousin's and her water broke gradually in small amounts with two and was broken by the doctor at 10cm with one

I think I am babbling. I should get back to doing stuff, like getting the hospital bag ready!

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