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Fluffy-britches is okay
Prada - Nlegh
Prada's tests came back normal and at 2pm after being there since 7am she finally had her surgery. The massive lump was deeper then hoped but still came out clean, so the area has been extensively sutured but it is gone for good. It was unfortunately all mammary tissue so there was a huge scare but thankfully it wasn't cancerous. Her teeth were definitely bad but since stage 4 periodontal disease with multiple extractions was a possibility stage 3 periodontal disease that cleaned up nicely with no extractions is a relief. She did need one filling but the hospital wanted to charge me for the entire packet because it would spoil before they had another dental scheduled and that's bullshit! That's not my problem, why do you expect me to cover it? It's not their problem I had scheduled it the same day as a friend's wedding and I didn't expect them to help me! I argued a bit and ran out of spoons. Prada is the one that could suffer for it. It's infuriating. The tests to make sure her heart was fine took all the money we had, we couldn't spring for more.

She broke my heart when I picked her up! I tried to examine her a bit, not because I don't trust the people at that hospital but... Ok I don't trust the people at that hospital and she gives me these "you betrayed me" eyes. Aw, I'm sorry baby, I know you don't now but you will feel better later! Then she falls right over. I slung a towel under her belly to assist her in walking out but the limited vision from the cone, the inability to use her whiskers due to the cone, and the fact that she was still heavily drugged and absolutely terrified left her dead weight in the waiting room, so I picked her up. Dead weight in my lap was a lot easier to deal with.

She perked up immediately when she saw home and only needed to be guided around corners to get in and flop on her bed where she stayed.

Today she has clearly improved so much and is eating and drinking well, though she struggles with the cone so for now she is being fed. First we put food in her mouth, then we held it in front of her, now we put the dishes in the cone. Next step, eating on her own. That can come when she is no longer in so much pain, so scared, and when all of the anesthesia is out of her system. She tried to take her antibiotic when she saw the treat I had and bit right into it. Oh, that was a face as the powder spilled into her mouth! Offering it on it's own was only a trial though, to see what would work, and I had my hand under her mouth expecting her to spit it out, so I managed to catch all of the powder and the remains of the pill and wrap them in peanut butter. That she had no problems with! So, yes, she needs to lose weight and peanut butter doesn't help with that, but at the moment the antibiotic is priority and we can bare down when she is recovered enough to run around.

The area around the sutures is so red and inflamed! Not enough to signal infection or other problems, it's expected with the size of the surgery area, but it must hurt badly. I'm glad she has pain killers.

I only made it to the reception but that was just so dang cute! Luckily Dan took pictures and video of the wedding for me and had offered to stay with her instead. I was just better suited to stay just in case she needed more intensive care. Good thing Wuss was the biggest worry, checking out the surgery site and making us wonder not if she was going to groom it for Prada but when and eating Prada's food.


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